Invited Speaker

  • Dr.Tonny Cortis Maigoda, SKM, MA | An Approach Model Strategy in Combatting Poverty and Malnutrition in Urban Areas
  • Dr.Drs.Sonlimar Mangunsong, Apt.,M.Kes | Beta-Carotene in Carrot and its Benefit for Health
  • Dr.Ira Kusumawaty, SKP., M.Kes., MPH | The Value of Caring in Holistic Nursing Services
  • Dr.Yuli Hartati, Spd., Msi | Local Food Utilization in Overcoming Nutrition Problem
  • Dr.Maksuk, SKM, M.Kes | Strategy to Control the Impact of Using Pesticide on Health through a Multi-Sector Approach
  • Dr. Pitri Noviadi, S.Pd, M.Kes | Models of Safety Culture and Effect on Behavior at Nursing Vocational Student in Palembang