Poverty and health problems as contributing aspects of well-being have become global problems. To overcome poverty and community health problems, we have to design a model for an integrated multi-sector approach involving government, private sectors, and communities. Every sector should contribute to overcome poverty and health problems. Creative and innovative health efforts are needed to improve the quality of public health. The First International Conference on Health, Social and Technology that will be held by Health Polytechnic of Palembang on 22-23 Nov, 2023 in Palembang- Indonesia is a scientific meeting activity that uniquely describes the academic research and development across the globe in the fields of health, social, and technology. This event will provide rational opportunities to all attendees and researchers from health, social, and technology domains.

Aim and Scope

The aim of the conference is to provide a transformative professional development experience through bringing together the world’s scientific experts to catalyze and advance scientific knowledge about advancements in the scopes of health, social, and technology.

This conference will provide a perfect platform for scientists, students, researchers, and professionals from all over the world to meet and discuss recent innovations to improve health and reduce poverty for the achievement of welfare.

This conference is expect to provide vision in facing significant challenges through hard efforts in creating a healthy population and reducing poverty through multi-sector collaboration.

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